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Máy quay phim PANASONIC AG - DVX100B NEW
1/3" 3-CCD 24P/30P/60i DV Cinema Camera with CineSwitchTM Technology, CineGammaTM Software and IEEE 1394 Interface
LoạiMáy quay phim kỹ thuật số
Hãng SXPanasonic
Bảo Hành
Khuyến mại: Giỏ đựng máy.

Giá: 18.800.000 VND


16:9 Aspect Display Mode on EVF and LCD for distortion free Squeeze Mode or Anamorphic Display
Higher resolution 235,000 pixel .44" BW/color switchable electronic viewfinder (EVF) with superimposed audio metering
Higher resolution 210,000 pixel flip-out 270 degree 3.5" LCD display with superimposed audio metering
Remote focus and iris control with optional VariZoom controller(s) and others
LCD panel has a bit of a break-away beyond the 90 degree point
Single Button Display Character Off for LCD and EVF
What you see is what you get on LCD and EVF
Scene files transfer over FireWire
Time code transfers over Firewire
1/3" 3-CCD Mini-DV camcorder with exclusive CineSwitchTM technology
Rugged magnesium alloy diecast chassis
Outstanding sensitivity of F11 @ 2000 lux
Supports 480i/60 (NTSC), Cinema-style 480p/24fps, and 480p/30fps image capture
Precision wide-angle Leica Dicomar lens with Servo/Manual Zoom (with stops & barrel markings)
Auto/manual focus F1.6 with 72mm filter size and advanced optical image stabilization
Conventional 4:3 aspect ratio and 16:9 letterbox image capture modes
16 x 9 anamorphic - letterbox and digital squeeze
Conventional video gamma and CineGammaTM operational modes
Seven gamma settings - L, M, H, CINE-LIKE, + CINE-LIKE D, CINE-LIKE V, Black Press
Four knee settings - Auto, Low, Mid, High
Four color matrix settings - Norm, Enriched, Fluor, Cine
Three vertical detail level settings in progressive mode - Thin, Mid, Thick
Up to +12dB gain in progressive mode
2-channel XLR audio inputs with phantom power supply (+48V) and manual audio levels
S-Video, Video & Stereo Audio IN and OUT
Standard IEEE 1394 FireWire interface (in/out) for transfer of digital video/audio to NLE platforms
One Shot recording capability
Unique pre-cleaning heads and auto head cleaning to maximize reliability
Well balanced and highly portable: 4.4 pounds in full operating condition
Longer-lasting 5400mA standard battery
Slow Shutter - 24P - 1/6, 1/12, 30P - 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 60i - 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30
Edge enhancement for easy focusing - Peaking (switchable on/off) in LCD and EVF
Auto focus assist in progressive mode
Built-in SMPTE color bars in interlace and progressive modes
Three user-programmable buttons are assignable to any one of 11 functions
Color drop-down display mode for menu choices
End Search Camera function - no longer necessary to go to VCR mode to search up to the end of the recording
Menu change on Tape Protect to read Power Save
MOD (Minimum Object Distance) - 0.6 meter
Two zebra settings - 80-105%
CineSwitchTM Scene File Dial is more protected from unintentional changes
Slower middle zoom speed
Color level, brightness and contrast adjustment - separate LCD and EVF settings
More sensitive on-camera microphone
Audio off tape or live E-E for delay free (echo free) monitoring (menu choice)
Speaker position has moved to top of camera (was behind LCD)
Heavy-duty tripod connection
Black Sapphire color, Barrel Paint is textured to reduce fingerprints
ROHS compliant manufacturing assuring environmentally correct parts and methodology